6 things that will change in 2021

Last year I just couldn’t imagine how to proceed with our beloved Living Room Lectures when the tiny big “C” with its social distancing stopped not only every face-to-face meeting but also our founding process (see also year in review).The original idea was to train our brains, meet like-minded parents to break out of the

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Taking a clear-cut position! My motto for 2021

I am a huge fan of making plans. But much more I love to make them happen. That’s why I sit down every year around New Year’s Eve, review the past year, close it mentally and look at what I want achieve in the new year and which frame or motto I would give it.

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My review of 2020 of “an unexpected journey”

I was exhausted, very honestly sleepless in Budapest.  Six weeks after giving birth I felt so trapped in the mummy bubble – again. Something I thought I would have overcome. But no, it came back to me like a boomerang. Next baby – bang! Here we are again. And no LRL sessions to organize to

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