Taking a clear-cut position! My motto for 2021

I am a huge fan of making plans. But much more I love to make them happen. That’s why I sit down every year around New Year’s Eve, review the past year, close it mentally and look at what I want achieve in the new year and which frame or motto I would give it. Maybe you will laugh right now, maybe you are on the team “New year’s resolutions are made to be broken”, maybe you still believe in the power of resolutions. Well, it works for me, gives me focus. It’s like a guiding star and I really work to follow that star and fill that path with life and adventure.

And then there was this rollercoaster ride through the past year when I was challenged on so many levels. When so many things in life, in society, business, family and partnership I took for granted were questioned. When the “New Now” aka the tiny big “C” swirled around our family and business setting. When I drove at full speed into a brick wall, found myself suddenly in a time machine back into the 50s,  welcomed a new baby in the family and struggled my way out of the mummy bubble – again. Quite adventurious I must admit. So dear 2021, it’s really time to reshuffle the cards.

Do I have a motto for 2021?

Yes, absolutely: Taking a clear-cut position or rather “Klare Kante” for the german speaking readers. As a passionate sailor girl I’d like to compare it with communication and decision making on board. For me it  means: clear communication, straight to the point, no juggling around, claim (for time and support), withstand opposing winds and tough discussions, keep the course and nevertheless always make sure to have everyone on board. I’m the captain of my boat – with all the responsabilities for the crew aka my family and the boat aka my life.

How to tackle “Taking a clear-cut position” in my daily family chaos

There is one thing I learned very soon as a mum: If YOU as an individual don’t want to get lost in the daily turbulent family life, you need something you can focus on: your vision, your dreams, your goals. And more importantly, YOU need to take action if you want them accomplished. Your dreams, your responsibility.

At the end it was my decision last year to focus on family due to all the circumstances around the tiny big “C” and our new family member but something was missing. Therefore, this year first of all I will take a clear-cut position towards myself and taking much more care of me and my time. This implies of course a lot of communication and learning within partnership and family. And to decide wisely when to say “yes” and when “no”. Secondly, I will take a clear-cut position towards my entrepreneurial way and follow my hearts projects. And last but not least I will take a clear-cut position towards my finances and start earning my own money again after almost five years (and three kids) of maternity leave and being an expat partner.

My guiding star. My challenge. My priority

As I said, my dreams, my responsibility. That’s why taking a clear-cut position will guide me through the year like a lodestar. I already know that it will be tough as I will have to confront myself with quite a lot bad old habits, role conflicts and dogmata. But change releases new energy and opens new doors. So where do I start? I will clearly set focus on making myself a priority. For the sake of my family and myself because:

Happy wife, happy life! Happy mum, happy kids!

You see, it’s time to take a clear-cut position, set sail and take action!


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