What we do

In one moment swirling in a buzzing office – and suddenly in the middle of a break. Life has changed from one day to the next, so have the topics of conversation. They all circle solely around famlily. Meanwhile the business world is moving fast.

Digitalisation changes not only organisation charts but whole mindsets. No matter, if the reason for the break is a new family member or accompanying the partner into a different country: the person concerned is torn out of his or her active career and becomes an observer of the fast changing business world.

The Living Room Lectures were founded by two women, who didn‘t just wanted to stand on the sidelines and who are eager to make an impact for themselves as well as like-minded parents.

about hot topics of the
working world
digitalization, e.g. agility
social politics
personal development

twice a month, always Fridays:
meeting in a living room of a

expert speaker presents
his or her topic, followed
by discussions and questions

special highlight
Babies and toddlers are more than welcome (in fact they are the reason why we got started)! Babysitter and toys are available

At a glance: All on- site lectures so far

since 2020, March

Break due to the Corona crisis, hopefully back soon

2020, February

Modern Working Models III: Working as a digital nomad

Kathrin Wächter, Virtual Business Expert at ckatyourside.com

2020, January

Modern Working Models II: How to navigate hungarian working culture

2020, January

Modern Working Models I: Job sharing

Lucia and Florian Ries, German Embassy Budapest

2019, December

Trust in yourself – How to overcome your inner critic

Oliver Beyer, Trainer and Coach

2019, November

Working in a networked self-self organization

Angela Maus, COO Resourceful Humans

2019, October

Digital Transformation

Tina Burkhardt, Founder and CEO Shiftschool for Digital Transformation

2019, September

Female Leadership

Dr. Katharina Kleinehakenkamp, Value Stream Leader, Head of Department, Robert Bosch GmbH

2019, June

Impact Business Modell Canvas

Beatrix Bedö, Co-Founder and CFO Impact Hub Budapest

2019, May

Digital Marketing Strategies

Ingrid Ihasz, Head of Digital Future at GroupM

2019, April

YouTube as a Business

Dilyana Hunley, Founder of  germanskills.com

2019, March

UX and Consumer Centricity

Björn Watzlawik: Product Owner User Management, Bosch

2019, February

Neuroscience in Advertisement

Janette Shigenawa, former Head of Research at Twitter Southamerica

2019, January

Double career and a kid abroad

Anna Miller, Senior Manager Recruiting, Robert Bosch Kft.

2018, November

Agility – an introduction

Patrycja Mis, Agile Master, Robert Bosch Kft.

2018, October

Refugee situation in Hungary

Grusa Matevzic, Lawyer at the Hungarian Helsinki Comitee

2018, July

Being a Mompreneur

Shayna Prunier, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Budapest

2018, June

Career coaching

Anna Knell, Global HR Business Partner at Roche

2018, May

Training: Being interviewed for a job

Wentje Trautnitz, HR Manager

2018, April

Business Storytelling

Mechthild v. Knobelsdorff, Communications consultant at Stories Connect

2018, March

Life of an author

Sibel Susann Teomann, Author

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